HiddenLevers Beta Is Live!

HiddenLevers.com is proud to announce its first beta release with loads of new features:

  • Twelve scenarios covering a wide variety of macro-economic and geopolitical outcomes are now available, and the ability to build your own Scenarios is coming soon!
  • Use the Scenario View to find investments that benefit under each scenario, and to understand exactly how the scenarios are related to each economic lever
  • Every Industry now has a view with links to all stocks in the industry and a listing of all levers which impact the industry
  • All views are linked, so that you can easily move between Portfolio Analysis, and Scenario, Lever, Industry, and individual Stock views
  • S&P 500 Returns have been added as a lever, with each stocks’ beta used to measure the impact of S&P 500 volatility on the stock
  • A completely updated user interface, with a clean design and tons of content linking to make using the site easy

Our goal at HiddenLevers is to create a scenario analysis and research tool that assists you, the investor, in making smart decisions. We want to know if HiddenLevers is working for you, so the HiddenLevers beta release uses Kampyle to collect user feedback. Please let us know what you think, and what features you’re interested in seeing!

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