HiddenLevers’ New Macro-Risk Based Stock Screener

HiddenLevers has just introduced our new stock screener, which enables investors to screen for stocks by selecting both traditional criteria and macroeconomic risk factors! No other screener that we’re aware of provides this capability. Put simply, you can now run a screen like this:

Show me all stocks with a positive relationship with Agricultural Commodities, which also have a 3% dividend, a debt-to-equity less than 1, and a market cap above 500M.

Your broker’s screener can’t do that. Yahoo/Google/Morningstar etc can’t do that. I don’t even think Bloomberg can do that! Apologies for tooting our own horn here, but we think this is the next logical step for stock screeners, and for investment tools in general. Macro risk has been ignored for too long, and our new stock screener is one more way that HiddenLevers is helping you take control of it. Try the screener here. It enables you to screen for positive and negative relationships with 36 different macro risk factors, in addition to traditional screening criteria.

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