Spotlight on Subscribers: An Indispensable Tool

We work with some of the best financial advisors in the world. Thank you Vince for the great feedback.

Today’s spotlight shines on…

Vincent Barbera, CFP from Newbridge Wealth Management

Vincent Barbera

Ever since we began using HiddenLevers over a year ago, it has become an indispensable tool for us. The user interface and continuous software updates make it a real pleasure to use.

The monthly War Room webinars are chockful of useful information. The founders, Raj and Praveen, always make them an enjoyable experience.

We use the software for the following two reasons:

1)Stress-test a new portfolio model.

When we consider replacing a security in our models, we run it through HiddenLevers to understand its impact on the model. Are we adding additional risk or taking it away?

In addition, when we are considering a significant asset allocation shift, we want some insight on how the revised allocation model will perform under various scenarios. HL provides that insight.

2) Understand a clients’ portfolio risk and their specific risk profile.

On an individual portfolio level, we want the ability to illustrate to a prospect the level of risk contained in their portfolio and via the scenario analysis, whether that risk is appropriate.

Additionally, because of the many integration partners, we can look at client’s portfolio daily to ensure that their risk profiles do not deviate from the norm.

We are very happy with HiddenLevers and the entire team is a real pleasure to work as we aim to build the best RIA firm.

Vincent, from all of us here at HiddenLevers, thank you.

If you would like to have your own indispensable tool, try out HiddenLevers for 7 days and stress test a portfolio for free.

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