Spotlight on Subscribers: Help Clients Understand Risk

We work with some of the best financial advisors in the world. Thank you David for the great feedback.

Today’s spotlight shines on…

David Clayman from Twelve Points Wealth


Q. How did your team get started with HiddenLevers?  

A: We got started with HiddenLevers after seeing the product demonstrated at the TD Ameritrade LINC conference in 2015.  I was very impressed with the capabilities and the robust nature of the scenarios.  I examined a few of their competitors but this was clearly the most client-friendly product on the market.  At a time when few people are considering the risks hidden in their portfolios, I think stress testing one’s portfolio is more than prudent.

Q. What have you learned?

A. I’ve learned how little people know about their own portfolios.  I would venture to say that less than 5% of prospects that we’ve shown results to have had any idea of the volatility that lurked inside of their portfolios.  It is the rare person who is actually comfortable with the potential scenarios once they’ve examined how their financial lives could be affected by various world outcomes.

Q. How has your team applied HL’s tools to practice?

A.   We stress test every portfolio we come in contact with.  Right now, with markets having gone pretty much straight up for the past 8 years, most people have forgotten what a correction in the markets feels like.  Using HiddenLevers, we’re able to ask people about possible outcomes they could see occurring in the world and then show them what effect those scenarios might have on their portfolios.  In general, they think scenarios are far more likely to occur than their portfolios would reflect.  It has been a valuable tool both for converting prospects and for getting buy-in from our clients that certain expected results based on likely outcomes will produce a return sequence that they’ll generally be comfortable with instead of having no set expectations.

Q. Your advice to others that are considering HL?

A. Well, I wish they wouldn’t for my own competitive advantage, haha. Seriously though, we’ve been extremely pleased with the product but also with the team at HiddenLevers.  Their continued support when we have questions as well as willingness to discuss certain features or scenarios has been fantastic over the 2 years we’ve been clients.  If you’re not stress testing your portfolios in this litigious age in America, I think you’re doing yourself and your clients a disservice.

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