Spotlight on Subscribers: A Client Friendly Tool

We work with some of the best financial advisors in the world. Thank you Richard for the great feedback.

Today’s spotlight shines on…

Richard Oring,  from New Century Financial Group


Q. How did you get started with HiddenLevers?

I discovered HiddenLevers when I got frustrated by the current software I was using to measure risk. The software I used wasn’t customizable, it was very generic on what you could do. The other software program limited the scenarios I was able to run and didn’t have the ability to really work with SMAs. Another frustration I had while doing research on a replacement was that most other software programs had reports that weren’t always client friendly. It was perfect timing on coming across HiddenLevers for my business because I manage portfolios by limiting the volatility and maximum potential drawdown.

Q. What have you learned?

When I signed up for HiddenLevers I was expecting the software to show me the risks associated with current market scenarios. By playing around with the levers in the program I saw how different indicators can affect underlying holdings and overall portfolios.

I also learned how easy it is to optimize your current holdings in a model and minimize the downside risk. It was really quick and simple to shave some points off the risk in existing portfolios.

The biggest thing I learned was that the tools within HiddenLevers were able to explain complex information in a simple format for clients to understand. I really love the proposal report as this has helped me compete against managed mutual fund portfolios. Having the side-by-side comparison with fund prices is a great benefit for me to close business.

Q. How have you applied HL’s tools to your practice?

I went from using HiddenLevers as a marketing tool for prospects, to a tool I use for all my existing clients. HiddenLevers makes the client meetings more beneficial because there is more depth to our conversations regarding downside risks resulting from current market conditions.

I am in the process of upgrading to the next level within HiddenLevers to help me manage my whole book of business. Being able to run batch stress tests is a great tool for handling some of the new DOL rules we see coming in the near future.

I’m also an OSJ of a large group and I have been demonstrating this software to my advisers and have received such positive feedback. They are usually amazed on the capabilities of what the software can deliver.

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