Spotlight on Subscribers: A Real Differentiation Tool

We work with some of the best financial advisors in the world. Thank you, Michael, for the great feedback.

Today’s spotlight shines on…

Michael Carlin,  from Henry + Horne Wealth Management


Q. How did you get started with HiddenLevers?

In my search for portfolio management tools, Hidden Levers came up as a viable possibility.  After my due diligence, the decision to utilize HiddenLevers was a no-brainer.

Q. What have you learned?

I learned that making macro decisions to manage client portfolios is a service that requires technical support prior to making any dramatic portfolio changes.  I believe most advisors make decisions about changing their client investment portfolio without giving proper credence to how investments work together given a variety of economic conditions and specific market events.

By taking client portfolios and running them through the scenario tool and understanding how investments work together and might operate should market conditions change- I feel the quality of my advice has risen.

Q. How have you applied HiddenLevers’ tools to your practice?

Most clients don’t really understand asset management.  Using the HiddenLevers tool, we are able to take real-world scenarios and illustrate how their portfolios may react given a variety of different specific events.

Finally, we have a tool to help bridge a gap between how we make investment decisions and our clients’ appreciation of what we do.  As a result, our clients now comprehend what we do, and that translates into happier clients because they are more confident of how we are managing their funds

Q. What is your advice to others that are considering HiddenLevers?

Hopefully, you aren’t in our market because we feel that the software is a real differentiation tool!  If you are outside of our home state, I couldn’t recommend this solution anymore

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