Subscriber Spotlight: Peace of Mind

We work with some of the best financial advisors in the world. 

Today’s spotlight shines on Trust Point Advisors

Trustpoint Advisors

How did you get started with HiddenLevers?
Trust Point’s goal was to find a portfolio risk management platform to help our investment team identify unforeseen risks in our client portfolios. When clients decide to work with us, many are focused on the longevity of their assets and are concerned about the potential risk to the downside. We wanted to find a tool that would allow us to illustrate to them how they should expect their portfolio to react in various scenarios.

What have you learned?
With the assistance of HiddenLevers tools, we are able to identify how our portfolios will perform in a variety of economic conditions and scenarios.

How have you applied HL’s tools to your practice?
We use HiddenLever’s tools in a variety of different ways. The core of what Trust Point offers to clients are risk-based asset allocation portfolios. When we are debating a possible allocation change in portfolios, we use HiddenLevers to stress test and compare the proposed allocation to our current allocation in order to make sure we are not adding any unforeseen risks to the portfolio. In addition, the tools allow us to identify how funds react to movements in various indicators. For example, we can identify which of our equity funds will perform the best during rising interest rate markets or how some of our fixed income funds are sensitive to the change in the price of oil.

Another way we use HiddenLever’s tools are directly with clients and prospective clients. We can take a look at a prospect’s current portfolio and compare it to Trust Point’s recommended portfolio. Through HiddenLevers reports, we can visually illustrate to clients the amount of downside risk their portfolio would experience, relative to Trust Point’s under various adverse scenarios for example. Many of our clients follow economic events and news, so when concerns over a particular economic, market or political risk arises, we can show them a forward looking estimate of what the impact of that risk materializing looks like for their portfolio.

What is your advice to others that are considering HL?
HiddenLevers provides transparency to clients as to the portfolio effects of real-world scenarios.  It gives clients the continued confidence in their decisions and their financial futures. Being able to offer that peace of mind is important to the continued trusted relationships we have with our clients.

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