How to Make Market Volatility a Growth Opportunity

Up until February 2018, markets ran with a bullish optimism.

But markets took a hit when the January jobs report came out, causing concern over wage inflation and rising interest rates. Now the announcement of steel and aluminum tariffs threatens an all out trade war.  Markets are reflecting this uncertainty and the subsequent market volatility is causing clients to turn to advisors more than ever for guidance and reassurance.

With these market conditions, there’s no better time to evaluate how you are going to make sure your clients are prepared and well informed. Nothing will put your clients’ nerves at ease more than being able to SHOW them how their portfolios will be impacted by different economic scenarios before they occur. Discussing possible “what-ifs” will help increase their confidence in their portfolio, as well trust that you are keeping their best interest at heart when making investment decisions.

HiddenLevers & Wealth Access recently teamed up on a webinar to discuss how the integration helps advisors use market volatility as a growth opportunity by using HiddenLevers’ stress testing on Wealth Access’s total balance sheet.
If you weren’t able to attend you can watch the replay here. 

How To Access Integration

To access Wealth Access from HiddenLevers, simply click the blue Integrations button on the dashboard.

Gif 1

Once your integration has been turned on, client pages will be created that each hold your client’s portfolios. After entering your recommendations, click ‘Results’ and click ‘Stress Testing’ to see how your portfolios will perform in different economic scenarios.

WA Gif 2.gif

If you’d like to stress test one of your models using HiddenLevers , sign up for a demo today. Or, if you’d like to learn more about Wealth Access’ total balance sheet solution, contact them today.

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