Fresh Feature: Survey Tracking

Here at HiddenLevers we’re continuously updating and releasing new features to help advisors.  This year we’ve released new analytics, an Investor Policy Statement, and Structured Note support.

What Is the Survey Tracker?

Survey Tracking—our latest feature—is yet another utensil in our Advisors’ tool box. With all your prospects + clients it can be difficult to remember who’s taken the Risk Tolerance Questionnaire. With Survey Tracking you can:

  • Bulk e-mail clients who haven’t completed a survey.
  • Quickly sort to see who has completed, who hasn’t, and who never received a survey.
  • Set a timeframe for all clients to be e-mailed another survey (set it + forget).

Email all your clients anything!!! Any of the emails you send from HiddenLevers can be customized to say what you feel best reflects your brand.

But Why?

With the survey tackers, we’re freeing up an advisor’s time.  Instead of spending 30 minutes trying to figure out who’s taken a survey the survey tracker can do it in seconds.  With tech advisors can quickly scale their business using fewer resources.  HiddenLevers is building a robust solution that scales with advisors’ business.


For advisors already using HiddenLevers feel free to reach out to your account rep for more information on activating the Survey Tracker.  For firms interested in learning more about HiddenLevers, schedule a 30-minute demo, or try the system free for one week.


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