HiddenLevers Models Complex Investments

HiddenLevers Mastermind Session – SMAs, Options, Structured Notes from hiddenlevers on Vimeo.

Many Advisors use HiddenLevers to model risk + return for stocks and bonds, but did you know, we can also help model nearly any type of asset class from options to structured products to alts to non-marketable securities.

In our recent Mastermind session, co-hosts Clark + David explored how to use our tool to model out any security you come across. Whether it is for manager review or to win over a new client, they show you how to model the most unique securities.

Check out our replay as David + Clark walk through:

1. How to use Options, SMAs, Hedge Funds, Non-Marketable Securities, Alts, and Annuities in HiddenLevers

2. A complete breakdown of our newest feature 
structured products engine 
3. How to make complex strategies easy to understand

If you are new to Masterminds, our sessions are engaging one-hour webinars that cover tips, tricks, and proven best practices from top producing advisors to help you get the most out of HiddenLevers.

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