Give Yourself a Competitive Edge: Use Innovative Tech to Win New Business

When it comes to engaging with prospects your brand of service is your unique, competitive advantage. But with changing times technology has become the center of many firms. Using the right software has become increasingly important, and financial softwares like HiddenLevers and Redtail can help amplify your competitive edge to win new business. With HiddenLevers and RedTail, you can embrace and leverage tech to its full potential.

How can HiddenLevers and RedTail help you amplify your competitive edge?

Improve Productivity and Communication: As a client relationship management system made for financial advisors, RedTail helps advisors work smarter with its automated office. Advisors can better manage their client base with automated workflows and tracking activities. Through the automation and capabilities of RedTail advisors are able to spend more time focusing on a client’s needs.

Breaking down complex financial concepts for prospects and clients also poses communications challenge. But with HiddenLevers you can easily generate sleek reports with engaging visuals that communicate your recommendations in a way that resonates with your audience.

Leverage Systems You’ll Actually Use: You might already own a CRM system  or client engagement platform, but is it really serving YOUR needs? Re-evaluate your tech to determine if this is something you will use but also leverage to its full functionality. Integrated tech is a great way to create a more seamless workflow that maximizes tech capabilities.

Through the RedTail-HiddenLevers integration, advisors can easily import client portfolios from RedTail into HiddenLevers. Portfolios are updated on a nightly basis, allowing you to work with your Redtail clients and portfolios within HiddenLevers. With this integration you minimize the amount of data entry needed to use both systems.

Within HiddenLevers the Hello-to-Close workflow provides a one-stop shop for advisors to capture risk, evaluate holdings, apply models for a recommendation, and generate proposals for presentations.

Standardize and Customize: With RedTail you can create custom reports tracking the client data you need to best assess your practices. But customization is also necessary in client-facing. With HiddenLevers you can address a client or prospect’s concerns about the market through interactive stress testing and engaging custom proposals.

Using the right tech that fits your business needs can improve your overall business strategy. By increasing productivity and streamlining processes with RedTail and HiddenLevers, you’ll be able to better service existing clients and easily win new business.

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