The Death of a Wholesaler

Death of a Wholesaler

It’s 2020, Robin logs into the CRM and views 15 new leads from last night. The company just launched their latest digital portal that helps HNW clients and advisors to visualize the risk in their current products. Robin looks at the portfolios and logs into the firm’s AI big data solution to make sure the portfolios are automatically uploaded. Check. The wholesaler reviews the models and uses a digital report from the company’s new AI system to review the work. Robin sees that the prospect’s overall risk is quite high in a Rising Interest Rates scenario. Down 32% – yikes. The client is 55-years old. Robin can surmise this client is nearing retirement. A loss like that would definitely crush the prospect’s retirement timeline. Does he/she know that? Robin wants to share this information with the prospect.

The wholesaler clicks on proposal generation and flips through a branded digital report with 8 slides that showcase strengths + weaknesses of the current allocation. Robin adds notes with digital stickies on each page for the prospect. Grabs the email and shoots it out the door. While the prospect can chew on their current trouble spots, Robin starts to look at the firm’s current lineup of investments and thinks a couple of alt strategies could definitely benefit this prospect. Robin quickly adds those funds into the model and takes out some funds giving unneeded risk. Hours later, the prospect emails back – “Interesting information. Can we setup a web call to review?” Robin responds “Perfect.” Robin books the meeting. This meeting is a perfect chance to showcase this new alt strategy. Human touch. Technology enabled.

Read the whole whitepaper.

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