Success Story: HiddenLevers Supercharges Empowered Portfolios

Today’s Success Story is with Empowered Portfolios.

When Empowered Portfolios Chief Investment Officer Michael Hakerem,CFA® began his search for the best in tech, he placed a tall order to enhance his investment Process and Discipline: an integrated system that offered personalized, sophisticated output in less than a minute.

As an outsourced chief investment officer and fintech consultant for fiduciary advisors, Hakerem is very familiar with the run of the mill products in the industry, but he wanted a platform to proudly share with others in the fiduciary investment space. “A lot of institutional money managers offer free consulting and highlight stress testing to RIAs, but the problem is limited product types, the embedded biases and conflicts of advice, and of course, the slower turnaround to produce meaningful output.”

After a fortuitous encounter with HiddenLevers and a live visit with the development team, Hakerem saw the potential of the platform right away. “I was immediately intrigued with the analytics, as well as the UI,” said Hakerem. “Scenarios made the platform approachable for both advisors and retail investors. It is one of the features that really stood out to me.”

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 5.51.46 PM

HiddenLevers Speaks A Language Your Clients Will Understand

The ease of use, ability to customize, and quick turnaround on output helped the Empowered team to quickly integrate HiddenLevers into its boutique oCIO practice.

Not only did HiddenLevers help Hakerem and his team prepare for full client presentations, it also helped his team quickly address the concerns of valuable HNW clients.

“HiddenLevers really came through for us once when a client called during a flight layover. The client was a pilot for the flight and was anxious over negative headlines,” said Hakerem, “so right then and there, we were able to talk through headline scenarios and quantify the potential impacts to the client’s unique circumstances and portfolios.” The advisor deepened the relationship and the client consolidated more assets!

Empowered Portfolios also saw HiddenLevers as a differentiator with its ability to tailor output and analytics to match the sophistication of the end client. “In the wealth advisory space the need for empathy and personalization is a differentiator, you must speak in plain language that resonates with your private clients,” said Hakerem.

Use HiddenLevers To Differentiate Yourself

When asked what advice he’d share with others considering HiddenLevers, Hakerem highlighted how HiddenLevers helped Empowered Portfolios transform its practice by delivering sophisticated yet easy to use tools across Scenarios, Analytics, Screeners, Reporting, as well as, the value-added War Room Webinars and Mastermind Sessions.

The Empowered team has invested in the highest level of HiddenLevers’ tools to differentiate its tech stack and outsourced CIO practice. “We support fiduciary advisors who firmly believe in goals-based wealth management as an integrated and practical approach to enhancing the unique value of their wealth advisory practices. For this reason, the HiddenLevers team is important to Empowered Portfolios’ mission to deliver talent, touch, tools, and time savings for its advisor clients,” said Hakerem.

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