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Since starting his career in financial services, Dany Martin, Partner and Wealth Advisor of Williams Financial Advisors LLC, prioritized client relationships above all else. This client-centric approach helped Martin rise through the ranks of retail banking, break away from the brokerage world, and become a partner of Williams Financial Advisors, LLC.

“Rather than be a transaction-based advisor, I have always worked to serve my clients’ best interest,” said Martin. “After trial and error with different software and business models, I’ve finally found my perfect fit with HiddenLevers and RFG Advisory.” RFG Advisory is an RIA that is affiliated with Williams Financial Advisors, LLC.

A Commitment to Client-Centric Risk Management

From the onset of his advisory career, Martin grew his practice through iteration and improvement with a focus on client service. Dissatisfied with disparate tech offerings and the transactional ethos of his prior experiences, Martin kept striving for more.  

The turning point came when RFG Advisory entered the picture. With shared fiduciary values and commitment to reliable risk management, Martin worked with RFG Advisory to find the best in risk tech.

When Martin came across the HiddenLevers trial account, he was immediately blown away. “I was on day 3 of my trial account and I called Shannon and told her we need to have this,” said Martin.

Soon after Shannon Spotswood, President of RFG Advisory, announced the HiddenLevers + RFG Advisory partnership. “We’ve made a commitment to delivering best-in-class technology solutions that solve real-world problems for our Advisors,” said Spotswood.  “HiddenLevers lives up to that commitment.”

HiddenLevers was the easy, risk-oriented, integrated solution Martin was looking for.

“The trial account convinced me HiddenLevers was the tool for us”

Before RFG Advisory officially partnered with HiddenLevers, Martin knew this was the tool for him after using the trial account with a longtime client.

“During our meeting, I showed this client the baseline risk + reward of her current portfolio, which was at -23%,” said Martin. “But when I showed her how reallocating to a different investment vehicle would reduce her downside to -13% she said ‘That’s EXACTLY what I want’. The trial account convinced me HiddenLevers was the tool for us.” 

Using HiddenLevers to discuss risk in a concrete, quantitative way, Martin helped his client identify where she truly stood on the risk spectrum. “This was a big success for me, but much more for my client because we were able to put her in the best position.”

A Partnership Made for Fiduciaries

With HiddenLevers, Martin was able to present an objective, transparent perspective on his recommendation. By using HiddenLevers to build trust and reinforce a fiduciary outlook, Martin showcased the ultimate goal of the HiddenLevers + RFG Advisory partnership.

In the partnership announcement, David Ristau, Director of Business Development of HiddenLevers, highlighted the value of honest engagement for advisors. “By infusing portfolio recommendations with a balanced analysis of upside and downside advisors can set expectations, show their immense value, and interact with clients using a tool that helps advisors really shine. ”

HiddenLevers helps fiduciaries connect the dots for clients by presenting abstract concepts like risk + reward in terms they understand, thus enabling advisors like Martin to better serve their clients’ needs.

“No matter if it’s a longtime client or a prospect, every single person should care about the risk in their portfolio,” said Martin, “And HiddenLevers is the tool I needed to provide this.”

Interested in a similar experience? Test drive HiddenLevers for 7 days.


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