Resonant Capital Redefines Client Experience Using HiddenLevers Unböring Tools

When Resonant Capital Advisors was formed in late 2018, Ben Dickey, the firm’s President, knew he wanted to enhance client meetings using technology. Resonant’s team members worked together to identify tools that would help them deliver the experience they sought.

Dickey sought to streamline and upgrade the firm’s practice by delivering personalized service utilizing interactive, client-friendly tools. When the Resonant team saw the capabilities of HiddenLevers, they knew it could be a critical element of the Resonant tech stack.

Upgrading from the Status Quo

Dickey saw the value of leaning into tech to cut down on manual processes, freeing up more time to focus on clients.

“HiddenLevers checked all of our boxes,” said Dickey. “It is cloud-based, auto-synced with Addepar and has the ability to deliver powerful in-depth analytics with a few clicks. HiddenLevers immediately improved our work internally and with clients.”

Once clients started saw the system firsthand, it was obvious Resonant had made the right choice. “HiddenLevers really helps us answer those ‘what-if’ questions from clients – what if there is a recession or a trade war? for example – directly and within the context of their own portfolio. That level of personalization has been incredibly valuable,” said Dickey.

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 4.49.32 PM

Though new to the RIA scene, Brad O’Loughlin, Financial Planning & Client Relationship Associate, felt Resonant’s outlook on tech was the way of the future.

“HiddenLevers redefined the client experience,” said O’Loughlin. “Now with just a few clicks, advisors can seamlessly move through client presentations, helping the client get the most out of our meetings.”

“HiddenLevers has been a Phenomenal Success”
HiddenLevers’ robust Addepar integration and ease of use in client meetings tied together the Resonant workflow, giving advisors the time and capacity to focus on client engagement.

“HiddenLevers has been a terrific success,” said O’Loughlin. “Client and prospect presentations are easy for us to move through and intuitive for our clients and prospects to understand.”

When working recently with a prospective client, O’Loughlin didn’t break a sweat. He entered their statements into HiddenLevers and quickly assembled a vibrant comparative analysis showcasing how an alternative strategy could decrease costs and improve diversification.

“The prospect leaned forward and told us ‘You took something so difficult to understand and made it comprehensible and real’,” recounted O’Loughlin. “Presenting this information with clear, understandable output started the relationship off on the right foot; transparency helped establish trust.”

Interested in a similar experience? Test drive HiddenLevers for 7 days.

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