HiddenLevers Models Complex Investments

HiddenLevers Mastermind Session – SMAs, Options, Structured Notes from hiddenlevers on Vimeo. Many Advisors use HiddenLevers to model risk + return for stocks and bonds, but did you know, we can also help model nearly any type of asset class from options to structured products to alts to non-marketable securities. In our recent Mastermind session, co-hostsContinue reading HiddenLevers Models Complex Investments

Fresh Feature: Survey Tracking

Here at HiddenLevers we’re continuously updating and releasing new features to help advisors.  This year we’ve released new analytics, an Investor Policy Statement, and Structured Note support. What Is the Survey Tracker? Survey Tracking—our latest feature—is yet another utensil in our Advisors’ tool box. With all your prospects + clients it can be difficult toContinue reading Fresh Feature: Survey Tracking

Mastermind Series Recap (Session 2): Using HiddenLevers with Current Clients, Not Just Prospects

Why use HiddenLevers in every client-facing meeting? There is just no better way to visually demonstrate the investment choices you are making. Visualize risk/reward trade-offs, get their buy-in, and encourage transparency. Session #2 – Using HiddenLevers with Current Clients, Not Just Prospects Learn what to do when a client’s risk tolerance doesn’t match their income needsContinue reading Mastermind Series Recap (Session 2): Using HiddenLevers with Current Clients, Not Just Prospects

Mastermind Series Recap (Session 1): Building Better Models

We talk to dozens of advisors every day and we’re often asked – “What are best practices for using HiddenLevers?” “What ways do you find other advisors using HiddenLevers?” “How can I build better models with HiddenLevers?” To answer these questions and many more, we created a new monthly webinar – the HiddenLevers Mastermind Sessions! ThisContinue reading Mastermind Series Recap (Session 1): Building Better Models

Product Update: Detailed Asset Allocation

We are always looking for ways to make your HiddenLevers experience more enjoyable and efficient. Our Risk Profile analysis now provides a detailed asset allocation breakdown. This update allows you to easily dissect your portfolio allocations and compare + contrast asset class details. We designed it with the same beautiful aesthetic you’ve come to expectContinue reading Product Update: Detailed Asset Allocation