FAANGs for the Memories

Lately the FAANG gang (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google) is feeling the brunt of the market. With public mistrust and regulatory scrutiny threatening their freedom, serious risks loom for the FAANGs. But are these price shocks company-specific or a macro issue? Within HiddenLevers, the Tech Bubble scenario lets us explore how these macro conditions affectContinue reading FAANGs for the Memories

Markets getting weird. Do your proposals address that?

You can’t just ignore current market realities when courting new clients. In this Mastermind session, we tackled the popular feature – customizable risk-forward proposals. Our proposal system is the perfect presentation tool to win over a prospect or replace your current quarterly performance report. From stress test results to sector analysis to fees analysis, the proposal bundlesContinue reading Markets getting weird. Do your proposals address that?

HiddenLevers Mastermind: Top FAQs of HiddenLevers

HiddenLevers Mastermind Session: Top FAQs of HiddenLevers from hiddenlevers on Vimeo.   Get ready for another amazing HiddenLevers Mastermind Session (literally the hottest thing since sliced bread). In this episode, we gathered the most frequently asked questions our advisors hadabout HiddenLevers. Your hosts, Jeff + David, will dive into each question and give you theContinue reading HiddenLevers Mastermind: Top FAQs of HiddenLevers

HiddenLevers Mastermind: Preparing Your Clients and Models for Volatility

Did the recent market plunge have your clients worried and stressed? Your clients and models should be prepared and HiddenLevers can help. In this session we’ll cover: How to discuss risk and volatility with your clients How to make model changes to combat our current volatile environment Stress testing for various potential 2018 outcomes YourContinue reading HiddenLevers Mastermind: Preparing Your Clients and Models for Volatility

Wage Inflation – Time to Panic Yet?

Increasing wages, rising rates, and looming inflation have caused a shakeup in the markets, but investors shouldn’t fret. When should investors panic about inflation and rising rates? At HiddenLevers we analyze a wide range of forward-looking economic scenarios, and many of our users have long been interested in modeling the impact of rising rates. AsContinue reading Wage Inflation – Time to Panic Yet?

HiddenLevers Mastermind: Tools to Wow Your Prospects in 2018

We hear from our advisors, “I’d like to make HiddenLevers a part of every prospect meeting, but I’m not sure how.” You know the basics, but you’d like to be a master. In this session, discover how to use various HiddenLevers features to show your prospects why your recommendations better suit their financial goals andContinue reading HiddenLevers Mastermind: Tools to Wow Your Prospects in 2018

HiddenLevers Mastermind: Using HiddenLevers with Current Clients, Not Just Prospects

Why use HiddenLevers in every client-facing meeting? There is no better way to visually demonstrate the investment choices you are making. Visualize risk/reward trade-offs, get their buy-in, and encourage transparency. Session #2 – Using HiddenLevers with Current Clients, Not Just Prospects Learn what to do when a client’s risk tolerance doesn’t match their income needs and goals,Continue reading HiddenLevers Mastermind: Using HiddenLevers with Current Clients, Not Just Prospects

New Feature: Fixed Income + Geographic Analysis

HiddenLevers is releasing two new modules for our Investment Proposals, closing the gap between traditional portfolio analytics and our next-gen stress testing. These pages were suggested by users who wanted to terminate their Morningstar subscription and keep only HiddenLevers. Fixed Income Analysis- For individual bond CUSIPs and fixed income funds, learn the type, term, rating,Continue reading New Feature: Fixed Income + Geographic Analysis

Introducing HiddenLevers Mastermind Sessions

We talk to dozens of advisors every day and we’re often asked – “What are best practices for using HiddenLevers?” “What ways do you find other advisors using HiddenLevers?” “How can I build better models with HiddenLevers?” To answer these questions and many more, we created a new monthly webinar – the HiddenLevers Mastermind Sessions! ThisContinue reading Introducing HiddenLevers Mastermind Sessions

New Feature: White-Labeled Hello-to-Close Workflow

HiddenLevers now offers a single, customizable software solution that assesses risk tolerance, analyzes current holdings, applies your recommendations, and pushes proposals directly to account opening. This workflow can also be white-labeled to match your firm’s brand identity. Try a 7-day trial free HERE. This plug-n-play solution begins with customization and choice. Your firm can white-label theContinue reading New Feature: White-Labeled Hello-to-Close Workflow

New Feature: Style + Sector Analysis

We’re excited to release the next expansion of our Proposal report, which includes three new analysis sections. The Style, Sector, and Market Cap pages are now available for anyone with the Proposal feature. These sections can be added to your proposal through the Proposal Settings page. Here you can customize the proposal in many ways including settingContinue reading New Feature: Style + Sector Analysis

Spotlight on Subscribers: A Client Friendly Tool

We work with some of the best financial advisors in the world. Thank you Richard for the great feedback. Today’s spotlight shines on… Richard Oring,  from New Century Financial Group Q. How did you get started with HiddenLevers? I discovered HiddenLevers when I got frustrated by the current software I was using to measure risk. The softwareContinue reading Spotlight on Subscribers: A Client Friendly Tool

HiddenLevers Perspective: Economic Levers

In HiddenLevers, you can run economic what-if simulations on investments. For example, how would a Conservative Model perform if Oil prices double or the Fed unwinds its balance sheet? In addition to our built-in simulations, interactive stress testing allows you to create custom economic scenarios and adjust various economic indicators (levers). In this HiddenLevers Perspective,Continue reading HiddenLevers Perspective: Economic Levers

The Spotlight is on HiddenLevers

HiddenLevers is usually the one shining the spotlight on our users, but this week the spotlight is shining on HiddenLevers’ co-founder Praveen Ghanta. He was recently interviewed by Manish Khatta, of  Potomac Fund Management, after HiddenLevers was chosen to power their client proposal system. After two years of failed attempts with various providers, Potomac finallyContinue reading The Spotlight is on HiddenLevers