HiddenLevers proposal generation system has taken the coolest risk-forward stress testing technology and blended it with concepts most effective at helping your firm discuss your value proposition with prospects and clients.

Our proposal tool (download a sample) is very effective for helping you present your brand + message. Even more, it helps you explain the how you will manage a client’s money and why you are recommending certain products or strategies. Best yet, it acts as a “force multiplier” allowing your firm to present proposals that let you compete with any firm and differentiate from your competition

proposal pages

Here’s the short list of the major benefits from HiddenLevers Proposal Generation (PDF + digital):

    • Ease of Use: Easily generate proposals from our client workflow. It literally takes 90 seconds. No more 45 minute PDF creation.
    • Customization: I know you love your brand. With our proposals, you can customize the colors + font used, change headers/footers, upload your own custom files, and more!
    • Innovation: Digital proposals are the future. Thus, why our firm built an interactive, digital presentation feature for proposals. Plus, we continue to add new sections and more dynamic features.

    Sample PDF Output

    See our proposal system IN ACTION!

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